Top 10 horror PC games you must try in 2020!!

Horror games may not seem to be adventurous with all those kinds of classy graphics, guns, and blood but it’s an easy scare to test your fear. Horror games are silent, creepy and you feel quite an immersive environment in your gameplay. There are tons of horror PC games lying on the internet, but I’m going to list the top 10 games to try in 2020.

Lone Survivor

It is a retro-style 2D survival game in which a nameless protagonist is controlled by the player as per the direction given by the character’s apparent hallucinations. During the gameplay, the player is supposed to find various helpful items like keys and food. The player must be able to determine the use of the items to solve the puzzle and for survival. Certain food types in the game can be improved by cooking or mixing them with others. There are two-way mirrors in the game, which the player can use to teleport back to the survivor’s apartment. The player in the game is provided with a flashlight with which the player should navigate the game world. Using the flashlight drains the batteries whose replacement is found by scavenging the game’s horror world. There are mutants in the game and they should be avoided or killed with a pistol which must be found. Mutants are attracted by sound and light. Progression through the game requires exploration through the map, some important items must be located before proceeding to the next level.


F.E.A.R has a series of its horror game which has totally outstanding story continued in every series of its game. In First Encounter Assult Recon(F.E.A.R) the player has to fight against the paranormal entity, Alma Wade. She is the major protagonist of the game, a young psychic girl who was experimented on and imprisoned by Armacham Technology Corporation. Then the girl becomes an insanely powerful psychic with the desire of unfulfillable bloodlust. In the first and third series of the game, the player is a Point Man who is also a member of the F.E.A.R and in the second series, the player is Michael Becket, a great member of Delta Force. Each game has a different objective but the same story in which the player has to locate and control Alma Wade and neutralize her before she controls the reality.

Little Nightmares

A little girl dressed in a yellow raincoat named Six is the major protagonist of the game plot. She is grounded in the Maw, a mysterious vessel catering to the whims of powerful ill creatures. After waking up she finds herself in the lower depth of the Maw, Six moves through the coffins avoiding carnivorous leeches that have surrounded the place and the creature feels hunger. When Six eat anything a dark version of her appears nearby and the surrounding area flickers. Trying to escape the Prison she is caught by a long-armed blind Janitor of the Maw, who has been capturing the runaway children, wrapping them, and sending them to a large kitchen via conveyer belt. Six eventually escapes, but leave other children behind in the kitchen. As it is an adventure horror game, Six continue to run furthermore and enters in a lady’s quarter covered with broken mirror throughout the room. The lady chase Six with her magical power and Six defend herself with a non-broken mirror. She then leaves Maw behind and a few Nomes approach behind her. 

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Alan Wake

It is an action-adventure game published by Microsoft Studios and released for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Alan Wake and his wife Alice to the town of Bright Falls for a short vacation. Before their arrival, Alan has a nightmare about a shadowy figure trying to kill him. Before he wakes up from the dream he learns to fight the creature with light. After their arrival, Alan goes to bring the key and map for the cabinet but encounters a mysterious old woman and she directs Alan to an island in the middle of Cauldron Lake. 

There a mysterious force pulls Alice into the water body and Alna dives into the water and regains consciousness after a week and after a long tragedy in the vacation to the lake he writes “It is not just a lake is an ocean with a monster ”.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

It is a survival horror game for Microsoft and Linux systems. It is a horror adventure-based exploration game in which the player plays the game in the first-person perspective. The gatherers are the prime enemies in Amnesia who are also the Brennenbyrg’s servent. Mainly in the plot, there are two main kinds of enemies, the Grunt and the Brute. The player should fight the enemies with a log of wood, rocks, broomstick, glass, and the things lying around in the game. This has realistic-looking immersive gameplay. 

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a very interactive drama survival horror video game. The Player of the game controls the eight years old character in a linear environment to find clues items. The Wendigos are the major evil in Until Dawn. They are humans who have been changed by Americans Soul into cannibal monster and they eat other human flesh for survival. The player must survive till the last phase of the game along with his family however all character of the game seems to be dead in the post-credit of the game.


Bloodborne is an excellent action role-playing game that you can try. The game gives you complete control over your equipment, your stats during gameplay, your combat style, and every single way you process the game. In this game, you will find various enemies in a different area. Enemies are Carrion Crow, Executioner, Henryk, Rabid Dog, and many others as you can customize the gameplay to play with an enemy that you want. Attacking the enemy is a tricky part, always attack your enemy from the back. Use light attacks by providing cover to you as you will get four to five monsters turning into you. You can simply get past the enemy by using the rooms and doors of the game.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 focuses on action and shootout with an occasional horror element.  This game may not contain content that is appropriate for all age of content the can be viewed during work. But is a masterpiece of an action-horror game. Basically, before going to major enemy you must kill the creepy zombie-like creature on your way. And as per the plot, major enemies are Village Ganado, Dr. Salvador, Del Lago, Las Plagas, Colmilons and there are many more as you go deep into the game. As it is an action-shootout game you are provided with various types of guns like handguns, shotguns, Rifles, Magnums. You can find many more in the inventory of the game. You have to earn the advanced guns by playing the game.

Dead Space

It is a survival horror adventure game in which a massive deep-space mining ship hos lost signal after unearthing a strange artifact on a distant planet. The ship crews are slaughtered and infected by alien sources. The enemies in the game are Necromophs who are disturbing looking monsters that originated from human corpses muted by alien life. As they are mutant there size and ability to damage the ship and player varies greatly. Those mutants attack by tentacles and can be destroyed by hitting in their tentacles attached to the wall. For quick kill, an explosive or a weapon is a better item to be used.


Simon Jarrett, a protagonist of the plot, finds herself in a mysterious, old facility after losing her consciousness in a new experimental brain scan which was suggested to her by her doctors. It is the gameplay in an underwater research facility called PATHOS-2. SOMA is a puzzle-solving game where the player encounters a number of creatures and each has the feeling of the game’s theme. The game produces psychological horror instead of convectional scares found in most video games. You will soon find a monster after the screen start to glitch or tear, so keep an eye on the screen and you can even hear the footsteps of monsters so that you can avoid them. After you are attacked by a monster you will move to a place where the monster is a little far from before but still a threat to you.

Okay, if you are a daring player, these are the horror games that you can try in 2020. If you want us to review any games or have any questions regarding the games, as always, you can comment to us.  

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