Top 5 Free Tools for YouTubers in 2020

To get success in anything you do, you need to work hard for it and have to get the best and right tools for it. But that does not mean that you need to have high specs and most expensive/paid tools for it. Sometimes free tools can also do perfectly fine to create excellent content. In this article, we are going through some of the best free tools for YouTubers to get you started on YouTube to grow your channel. I have marked 5 of my personal best free tools for Youtubers that helped me on my YouTube carrier.

1. Tubebuddy

I would recommend you Tubebuddy at first according to my experience because it helped me in the YouTube journey from my beginning when I started the channel. This is the free extension you can get on the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser. Not only that, it is even certified by YouTube itself. From Tubebuddy, while uploading, you will be able to see other video tags, your ranking on the tags, create thumbnails, and the total SEO score. It’s like spying on other videos without getting caught. You can even copy the other videos tags and paste them to your video.

Top 5 Free Tools for YouTubers in 2020

These are some functions/features you will get on the free version, but you can update it anytime to see more detailed info about your videos.

Download the Tubebuddy extension and get ready to create fantastic content.

2. VidIQ

Next on the list is VidIQ, and it does the same work as Tubebuddy does, like gathering statistics and rank your videos higher using best SEO practices.

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Top 5 Free Tools for YouTubers in 2020 screenshoot

VidIQ is a free extension that has a few extra useful features, including the Tubebuddy ones as well for free. Currently, they had released the new feature in which we can see subscribers count on the channel home page itself, and if we go to other channels, we can see the comparison between them and us.

Stats Top 5 Free Tools for YouTubers in 2020

3. Canva

Thumbnails are the first thing your viewer sees before they click the video. If they’re wrong, then no one will want to click the videos, so we should try making it look excellent and extra-ordinary. For the thumbnail creation, Photoshop costs money, and not everyone has it, but the perfect free and easy alternative is Canva. It is effortless to make the thumbnails at meager efforts directly from Canva. The most advantageous thing is that you can make anything from it, your channel logo, banner, thumbnails, etc.using the royalty-free photos available there.

Canva one of the Top 5 Free Tools for YouTubers in 2020

4. Keyword tool

As the name tells itself, the Keyword tool gives you the tag suggestions for your YouTube videos just by searching for one YouTube keyword which you can use in the title, tags, and descriptions.

Top 5 Free Tools for YouTubers in 2020 keyword tool

You optimize your website for search engines; likewise, you need to optimize your YouTube channel and rank higher while searching so that you can get more engagements. The organic searches will help you boost your YouTube channel, so you should put the best keyword using the Keyword Tool by targeting the country you want to.

5. Socialblade

Socialblade is a website that tracks every record of your social media statistics and analytics from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, etc. I have attached the screenshot from my YouTube channel analytics that is showed on Socialblade.

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Socialblade is Free Tools for YouTuber

You can see all my subscribers and views that are growing daily, which can be viewed on Socialblade. You can see future predicted analytics as well as current analytics of monthly, daily, or yearly as you please. These tools can help both beginners and long-time YouTubers.


So here are top 5 tools for YouTubers Overall these five tools that I listed above will help you a lot to start/continue your YouTube journey making great ideas and contents. These tools will even boost your YouTube channel just for free. If you have any other tools that you are using and helping you in any means, then please recommend us in the comment section so that we can also try it and list it.