How to Register Domain in Nepal 2020

How to Register Your Domain in Nepal

Let’s say you have a web page or you are building a web page for the client or just practicing yourself to make a website. The first thing you should do after completing the project is to register your domain so that everyone can access your web page via your domain link. Many non-technical friends might have a doubt that if you need an organization/company to register a domain? No! Any individual can do that for their personal projects/portfolios or even for the companies too.

Step By Step Instructions

If you want to register a domain name, here’s what you need to do. Please read it all before acting.

  • The domain is the most important thing to find your website. You want it to be easy, short and easily rememberable so think of a good domain before registering the domain.
  • Make sure that the domain is unique and not claimed by others.
  • You will need to have a web hosting service to be able to upload your website into your respective domain. We recommend you to buy the hosting service first so that you will be ready to publish your website as soon as you buy the domain. Some web hosting service even offers you the domain for your hosting package as well.
  • There might be the search button on the domain registration site where you can find if the domain you chose is taken or not. The site will search all the domain that is available for you from low price to high price.
  • After the selection of your domain from any national/international domain providing site, you will need to go through the payment process so make sure you have your visa or credit card before going through the payment process.
  • After purchasing the domain just login to your domain provider website and there should be the option to fill the DNS server and many other things that will be provided by your web hosting service. Just fill up everything that is asked and the domain is yours.
  • Now your website is ready to be published under the registered domain.
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Lists of Domain registration websites in Nepal:

1.   WebLink Nepal:

Here are the prices to register a domain name in Nepal using the Weblink domain registration in Nepal service:

  • .com    =         1,356/- Nepalese rupees / year
  • .org      =         1,469/- Nepalese rupees / year
  • .np       =         FREE / company documents are required

All prices are included of 13% VAT as required by the Nepalese law.

2.   Webtech Nepal:

          They have not opened up about the price of domain registration on their website.

3.   i3websolutions:

            I3 is the best IT company for web hosting and domain registration in Nepal. They are offering domain name (.com, .net, .org, .edu, etc.) registration in Kathmandu, Nepal at a very affordable price. They assist you to register your domain in minutes and use it within 24 hours of its creation.

how to register domain in nepal with i3websolutions

4.   Himalayan Host:

They provide one of the best domains and services in Nepal. Their price range from Rs.1,000 up to even more than Rs.2,00,000+ according to the quality of the domain.

There are many domain registration companies in Nepal but we cannot list all of them in just one article, right? So, we had listed only some of the companies that provides one of the best services in Nepal.

Note: You can register your domain for free from Mercantile Communications just by providing some legal documents they ask for.

Some of these domain providers even offers you the web hosting services so it will be easy to work with just one company. Also be sure to check about some of the amazing SEO tools.

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