How To Make Your Computer Safe From Virus?

So you have purchased a brand new computer but are you afraid of getting a virus on it? if you are one of those people then don’t worry I am here so I will be telling you guys that how you can make your computer safe from viruses. So read this article carefully and also follow all the steps that I have provided so you will be safe from freaking viruses.

What is Computer Virus?

How To Make Your Computer Safe From Virus?

So before going to the main topic let’s talk about what is a computer virus. A computer virus is a kind of program which is made by some peoples and if that harmful virus inserted into your computer then your computer may get corrupted or if the intention of that people is bad then he may hack your computer and get all the data of your computer and all this to happen due to careless of peoples so I will help you to get rid of this problems.

How Computer Virus Get Access to Your Computer?

Well, I have already told that this happens due to the carelessness of peoples so let me give you an example, Ram purchased a brand new computer and he doesn’t have so much knowledge about viruses so he searches on google for free games and downloads some cracked games and software and he installs that game or software and when he installed that file then some malware/viruses will also get inside his computer because that file of the software is cracked and in the cracked file there is 90% chance of having the virus and some unwanted scripts which allow viruses to make host to your computer system. No one will provide you the paid software or games for free. Some hackers may add some scripts on that virus which will transfer your all confidential data to their server and also encrypt your data using their secret key and may ask you to pay a good amount of money to decrypt your data.

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Let me give you another example if you go to some malicious website and if you try to download something then you have to allow some notifications then you will get lots of notification from that website and if you don’t have knowledge about the browsers extensions then you may install some extension which is not required for you and your computer system. Also then it can uses your computer system as mining host to cryptocurrency which automatically makes your computer slow in performance and produce more heat usually than other time. Below are some useful important tips and tricks to stay alert from such things.

How Virus Harm Our Computer?

So When a virus gets injected into our computer system the designer of that virus programmed that virus in such a way that this virus will have access to your all personal data and information and encrypt all confidential data which you have on your computer system. You cann’t decrypt and access your data easily and there is no such way to decrypt that encrypted files without the secret key and code which the programmer of the virus has made. For accessing your own data they may demand a good amount of money in exchange. There is still no guarantee of recovering your data if you paid them. Another way that virus will affect your computer is by spreading malicious file which is injected while installing some cracked games or software. Now let’s talk about how to become safe from viruses.

Using Anti Virus

How To Make Your Computer Safe From Virus

Using an antivirus is the best way to make your pc safe because antivirus helps to block malicious files or viruses which may harm your computer. there are lots of antiviruses that you can use but if you are windows 10 use then you can use windows defender. Windows Defender is pre-installed antivirus on your windows that do all work of antivirus and this is completely free so you don’t need to download or buy antivirus to protect your computer from the freaking virus.

How To Make Your Computer Safe From Virus

By Using Ads Blocker On Browser

So most of the virus transfer from the downloaded file and if you go to the malicious website to download something cracked then you may get some malicious Ads on that website and it may install some viruses to your pc automatically because if the force you to allow the permission and if you mistakenly allowed it then you may get affected so you may use Ads blocker on your browser and you can find lots of ads blocker for your browser. or you can also use Brave Browser which already has ads blocker so you don’t need to install an ad blocker to your browser.

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By Using Brave browser

Brave Browser has Shield, which protects the unwanted scripts of the websites and also blocks the ads using its own adblocker, no need to install any extra extension or plugin to block the ads on the website. It is one of the reliable browsers and the best alternative to chrome also. Its user interface is the same as chrome so if you have habits of using chrome you won’t feel the differences. It will block unwanted scripts on the websites you visit and protect you from any ransomware to be downloaded on your computer.


So I have told you all the information and also I have given the solutions to become safe from computer virus so if you guys have learned something from this article then don’t forget to share this useful article to your friends and family so they will also become safe from this virus and you don’t need to lose your data from you pc.