How to Share Screen With Your Laptop Wireless

Hello and how is it going everyone! If you are having problem realted sharing screen with your laptop or another PC. I am totally sure this will help you in quick and nice way. In this post we will be loking at two different ways of sharing your desktop screen with your laptop wireless really quick. One of the way is the most common and offered itself by the Microsoft (Windows 10 OS).

Screen Mirroring on Windows 10 Wireless

The update of Windows 10 has come up with solving the bigest problem of sharing your screen or mirroring you screen with another screen available and cabable of doing this. The requirement of doing this is your PC must be able to exicute the feature of Screen Mirroring and Windows 10 must be installed.

1.Open on the Action Center or Press (Win+A)

2. Click on Project Button.

how to share screen with laptop wireless

3. Chose the Projection Mode.

4. Open Action Center and Click on Connect.

5.Sellect the Receiving Device.

6. Check the option If you want to control the Monitor from another Computer.

7. If you wish to discontinue the Screen Sharing simply click on Disconnect.

Share Screen With Laptop Wireless

Using this process you can simply share your screen with other Operating System as well. The Primary device or the computer we will be projecting must have Windows 10/8/8.1/7 Operating System. Also the Primary Device Must have to install different Software named as Server. Whereas the secondary computer must have viewer software installed. They must be on the same network show the sharing of the moniter can be done.

  1. Open and install the SERVER software according to your windows.
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2. Then Download and install viewer software from just down bellow.

3. Install the software on both device and enjoy sharing the screen.

So these were some of the ways how you can Share Screen with Your laptop wireless by installing some small software for totally free and lag-free. You can even choose the quality of the shared screen. Also, read how to go live on Youtube.