How to Play Online Games Without Lag? (Play Game Lag Free)

We have come up with how to play online games without lag some simple ideas to overcome the lag in your game. Lagging in online games is the delay in gameplay between the player action and the reaction of the server supporting the online game.

Online games are played via the internet so factors affecting the internet connection at the player’s end or game server’s end is going to affect the gameplay. Besides that, the player’s computer configuration also plays an important role in smooth gameplay. Lagging of game also depends upon the type of game player is playing, ping the value of the player to the game server.

Solution For Online Games Lag

To overcome the ping problem in gaming one major step is to kill all the background applications and processing is done by the computer/smartphone. In the case of windows opening multiple network interface also affects gameplay.

The application that requires more bandwidth should be on the priority to close before playing online games. Anything that demands more bandwidth to operate will tend to slow down games as it increases ping value and causes an insane amount of delay.

Playing games in PC, while it is updating, is not a good idea as it will slow down the games.

If you are using router for connectivity then make sure that no one is using the network for streaming purpose and video calls as VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) during video calls needs an insane amount of bandwidth and more devices in your network means shared bandwidth, slow connection and more ping value resulting lag in online games.

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Router mostly remained switched on forever until power shortage which may cause data registry congestion resulting in slower gameplay. So restarting the router before playing the game is a better idea.

If you have slower connection lower game requirements like screen resolution, the lower graphic option may be good for your gameplay and reduce your processor workload by closing heavy applications before playing online games. Don’t give permission for background operations for the applications that you think are not so important to your work.

Tips for the PC Gamer to Play Online Games Without Lag

  • If you can afford, upgrade your RAM and graphics card. Those two upgrades can make a huge difference in your gaming experience.
  • Also, consider keeping your driver up to date, especially your graphics card.
  • If you don’t need to hear the sound of the players behind you, consider turning off the audio and saving your bandwidth.
  • If you are a crazy or pro player then you can consider overclocking your system (may not be good for the weak system) but if you know your computer it can give a boost to your game.
  • Upgrading to SSD is also an option for better computer performance.
  • Defrag the disk to keep all the games data in sequential order so that the computer can read data in a continuous manner.
  • If you are playing games on a laptop then turning off the power saving mode will improve your entire computer performance.
  • If you play a game after heavy computer work then it is better to play the game after a restart.
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so those were the tips to play any kinds of online game without any types of ping problem and all those tips are tested so its have more then 95% chance to work will all the peoples, and if you have any types of questions or problems related to this topic then feel free to comment down below we will try to help you as soon as possible we can so feel free to comment 🙂