How to make your computer faster?

As the computer has been a commodity item in our everyday work its speed is crucial for an effective job. So, for your help here are some technical and non-technical ways to make your computer faster and make it more convenient to use without any Hussle.

Checking your hard disk space

A general rule for your computer to run smoothly is by giving a proper amount of memory to your computer to process programs. Generally, 15% of your total storage should be free for better operation of your computer. Especially never make your primary partition, in which your boot files are stored, out of storage.

Categorizing desktop icon into a folder

Obviously catagorizing your desktop icons makes your desktop cleaner also it reduces your RAM uses. If your icons in desktop are scattered then your RAM should process multiple icons differently. But if they are in a folder then RAM takes the icons as a single load.

Move your old photos and videos to external storage

If you have old pictures and videos that are not so in use but don’t want to delete it then move it to an external drive or in cloud storage. This will help you to manage your storage and also speeds up your computer as it doesn’t have to process those files anymore.

Close unused tabs

Same as a mobile phone, on a computer, if you just minimize a program in a computer it can run in the background which will be using your CPU and RAM. So, if you don’t need a running program then close it completely.

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Uninstall unused programs

Sometimes when you install a program, the program itself installs some smaller programs for the enhancement of the function of the main program. So, if you don’t use a program that you had installed a long time ago then it is better to uninstall it. And always uninstall your program form control panel > Uninstall a program, then delete the files of the program form the boot drive.

Delete temporary files

Temporary files are like the cache data that gets stored when you use programs and applications. Clean it by hitting %temp% in the run and deleting the files in it. Also, clean up the temp folder by running the command (temp) in the run. There are temporary files in the browser too, make sure to delete them for better internet surfing from the advanced setting on your browser, the user interface may vary accordingly to the different browsers.

Deleting Prefetch

It is a log of frequently running applications on your computer system. It is also called a memory management system. You can clean this folder some experts often claim that deleting the Prefetch folder results in less boot-up time and more free memory to run other programs.

Stop programs from auto lunch during startup

You may have seen some programs like skype and other cheesy applications popping up in desktop just after startup. This type of application keeps on running during the whole session so stop it from popping again to save improve your computer speed. Goto task scheduler, choose a rule from the list of numerous programs that you don’t’ want to run and delete it or search ms config, click on the startup tab and uncheck the application that you don’t want to pop up.

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Update computer software

Sometimes you may have all the hardware resourced in ints place but your computer doesn’t perform up to your expectations there may be a software problem in such cases. So, keeping your software up to date is a great thing that you can do to prevent such problems.

When your computer gets extremely heated, let it cool

A computer processes millions of data every second and sometimes it gets heated up more then it’s limit. In this case, letting it cool is only an option. If this heating problem continues then you should check your cooling systems like a fan or liquid cooling system and paste.

Do proper shutdown and restart at least once a week

If you are busy doing your work then it is quite normal for you to keep your system running for 4 – 5 days. As our computer is not designed to be in operation for that long period of time. So it can perform faster if you restart or shut down your computer at least once a weak.

Better to keep your computer theme in its default state

When you install an operating system then it comes with full optimization for your daily uses and for its speed. If you change its theme or you installed another theme then the installed theme pulls the power for it from your CPU and RAM. So, it is better to use the default theme on a computer if you want to use the full power of your computer.

Power saving mode on laptop slows some process

In todays computer especially laptop battery backup is a major problem. So for longer battery backup operating system has a default state in battery optimization or power-saving mode which makes your computer perform slower as it cannot use its full power.

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Remove unnecessary language resources

We have seen these language resources on our computers. It is a great tool for us to learn the meaning of a foreign language. But we have to install it which takes our storage and it uses our bandwidth, which means our internet will be affected and it uses computers processing power. So if your computer has a Language resource that you don’t need then it’s better to uninstall it.

Besides this, there are some hardware upgrades that can really boost up your computer speed.

  • You can upgrade your RAM. As more RAM gives you the smooth operation of a heavy application.
  • In the case of the desktop, you can even upgrade to the multicore processor.
  • Cleaning your motherboard and checking the paste in heating elements is also a better idea.
  • In the laptop, using it in bed may block ventilation and cause heating. It is better to keep your laptop in a solid surface during work.
  • External plugins like pen drive, the wireless card also slow a computer.