How to make app without coding? 2020

Here is the best and the most useful way how you can make app without coding. The app is a set of programmed which are coded to do a specific task or according to their category. An app is a computer program or software application which are designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet or watch on their operating system.

make app without coding chose device

Before few years, you had to be a programmer to make an app, which would likely take weeks, months or even years. Now, however, there are various app-building platforms that help us to create an app in minutes. So to create app there are may more software or website which give us space to create the app without coding on their platform.

Here is the list of some app maker platform which is used to create an app without coding.

  1. App Maker
  2. Appy Pie
  3. Appery
  4. Swiftic

About App creating platforms

All four platforms mentioned here are a cloud-based platform which allows one to make revisions to and publish the android or ios app in real-time. The most amazing fact is that they all start free, and they also ask for payments for any premium features. However, the free period is usually long enough for you to make an app and even to enjoy making an app without coding.

All four app makers are good, but Swiftic is the best among all according to the reviews. You can make an app but only the thing you have to do is to choose the app you want to build, select themes and publish.

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Make App Without Coding

Before starting to make an app without coding the first thing we have to keep in mind that we have a good internet connection and must have an email id to make an account and for login in the Appy Pie account or dashboard.

appy pie app builder

Appy Pie allows users to make an app without any basic knowledge of coding to build an android and ios app and how to publish apps in the cloud.

To make an awesome app you can follow alll these steps.

sign up for make app without coding
  • After creating an account you have to verify your account from the email account which you have entered.
  • Please check your email and enter your verification code.
  • You will be able to see the dashboard.
  • After clicking on create app you have to enter you business which you can change it on later.
  • Select the category of the content.
  • After selecting the category you can pick the colour scheme.
  • Please the for which device you want to make app example on android or on ios.
  • As I will be showing about making an android app.
  • Your app will be ready after few moments.
  • So you have created an app and now you can download by scanning its QR code.
  • Congratulation you have made an android app.

About AppyPie

These platforms are used to create an app for Windows, iOS, and Android which you can publish to Google Play or iTunes.The main process is to make an app is to the drag-and-drop component.

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You can create an app as there is mention in the site or dashboard. If you are going to make an app and the features you can do is that you can send push notifications, view analytics in real-time, monetize with ads and use GPS to track locations.

You can also make a similar app of your websites, blogs, audio, radio, media feeds and much more. You can use this platform ranging from free to a platinum fee of $33 per month according to the need.