How to install WordPress from cPanel

In this tutorial i will show you how to install WordPress from cPanel. WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (content administration framework) written in PHP language and associated with a Database (MySQL or MariaDB). We can have manual features like plugin architecture and a template system, which also known as Theme referred to within WordPress.

It is one of the most popular CMS/ website builder in the world. Moreover 35% of the websites on the internet are built using WordPress. It is widely used CMS because it is easier to work on, which automatically get plus points becoming easiest and fastest CMS for building websites within some minutes without hassle free.

All the good hosting provider comes with one click easy install/setup for WordPress. After you are familiar with cPanel and database management you can install WordPress within some couple of minutes like 5-10.

What Does You Need Before Installing WordPress

A Domain Name
A good Hosting Provider
Domain name pointed to your hosting Nameservers.

How to Install WordPress from cPanel

cPanel is also known as widely popular software which is used by many hosting companies. It provides owners with a simple web-based interface to manage their hosting/content account. It also includes some fast installation script such as WordPress through the installation process will be easy for beginners. We will show you how to install WordPress using auto-installers and manually using FTP account.

You can follow these instructions, based on your installer which you have seen on your cPanel dashboard.

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous/Script

Softaculous is a widely popular auto-installer script. It permits you to handily introduce famous web applications like WordPress with only a couple of snaps. Mostly Hosting services comes with Softaculous Installer. Simply you can login to your cPanel account and look for Softaculous or WordPress installer icon on your dashboard as shown on the image below.

Click the icon of WordPress as shown on upper image then the installer like this will open.

After this click on install now and page like this will appear.

Here choose your domain name/ input your domain name where you wana install WordPress
then fill your site info like name and description, you need not to worry you can manage this later also from your WP panel.

As shown as in the above figure fill your admin info for your website back-end panel access.

Now click on install by filling your email then you are good to go.

It will shows the process of installation. Please don’t close that page while it is running.

Then you will get email regarding completion of installation of your WordPress site with login URL and the username and password will be as you have input while installation process.

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How to Install WordPress Manually?

  • At first login to your cPanel and add the domain where you want to install your WordPress site.
  • Then go to file manager from your cPanel dashboard
  • Go to your file directory of that domain and upload the zip file of WordPress
  • You can download the latest zip file of wordpress from here
  • Upload to to your domain directory and extract there.
  • And move to your domain main page directory out of WordPress folder.
  • You can delete that zip file and WordPress folder after moving out your files.

Then we need database to connect and save files for our WordPress website.
To create a database simply go to your cPanel dashboard and search for MYSql Database and click there.
Then Create a database and create user and map that user to that database and give all permission.

Then go to your domain name/ site then the installation of WordPress should appear like this.

Continue Setup

lets go

Here fill with your Database name and Database username and password which you have created from MySQL then submit and page below look like will appear.

Then run the installation

Fill your Site Title,Username and Password and admin Email, you can modify this later also from WP panel. Fill all the info and click install WordPress.

Here the setup is done successfully. Now you can directly access your WP panel by clicking through log in or you can access from this is default gateway to your WP admin panel.

Hope this tutorial helps you setup WordPress if you got any problem while doing setup you can comment down below i will assist you to setup.

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