How To Do LiveStream On Youtube?

How To Do Live Stream On Youtube? Are You being confused and do not have any idea about Streaming on Youtube. This post is for all those who want to start their Streaming on Youtube with the best quality possible. In this article, I will be providing you all the information required for streaming on Youtube from both the platform Phone and Personal Computer.

Can We Do Live from both Phone and PC for free?

Yes, You can do live from both phone and Personal Computer (PC) for free, and let me tell you that you don’t need to pay money for doing live each and there are some requirements that are necessary for streaming.

What do we need For Live?

How To Do LiveStream On Youtube

First of all, We have to make sure that we have all the necessary items to do a live stream on a Youtube Channel. Let’s start from the beginning by Creating and Setting up your Youtube Channel for Streaming. If you are having problems creating your youtube channel you can Click here and you can follow these simple steps. After you have completed making your channel, Now it’s time to check your internet connection. If you want your viewers to experience your live stream at the best quality you must have a good internet speed with a stable connection and especially your upload speed must be good. If your internet connection is not stable then your Stream gets laggy, your Game FPS will Drop on your Stream and your Viewers cannot have a Great Experience watching your Stream. If frame drop occurs while during live then your viewer will lose interest to watch your Stream as it buffers a lot on their device.

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When your internet connection is all set and ready to go, the next thing you need is a good device, If you have a good device you can Stream your game at the best quality. If you don’t have a good device and cannot effort better then also you can stream but not at high Bitrate or quality. Your Device must be that strong to handle your graphic rendering and encode your Streaming Video. Even we can stream through a very low-end device, but the problem is that we will not be able to give the best quality to the viewers.

If you are trying to stream Mobile or PC Games then you need a good device but if you are trying to stream some random kinds of stuff then you don’t need a good device and you can easily do it from the Youtube app if you are using Android. For Computer users You can do it Form Youtube Web.

So here I will be giving an easy idea to stream from both pc and phone with the help of an Application and Software, There are many Softwares available with cool and interesting features but I will suggest you use Streamlabs OBS as the software is free but if you want to invest and do multistreaming at different platform than you can upgrade Prime Subscription. Streamlabs OBS has a friendly interface for new users you guys can easily stream with the help of Streamlabs without any type of problem.

What is Streamlabs?

How To Do LiveStream On Youtube

Streamlabs is a Streaming Software where you can stream any games or anything easily and you can stream anywhere like on youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and many more. Streamlabs have a simple interface and if you become friends with this software/App then you can make each a beautiful layout which helps to make your stream more attractive.

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How to Download Streamlabs

You can easily download Streamlabs from the play store and from AppStore and even I have given download links also so download it from the given link below.

Getting Started With Streamlabs and How To Do LiveStream On Youtube

So, First of all, you need to download Streamlabs software. I have already provided you the download link. If you Didn’t find You can Click Here and download it. After you complete downloading it you should install it On your device. When the installation is done then open the application Streamlabs OBS. And then you will see an Interface where you can set every Setting related to Streaming and Recording. You must make sure that your device is good enough to handle the setting that you set. If you try Streaming in high-quality from your low-end device you will face problems with Frames drops as mentioned above. After you finished setting up your setting You can log in to your Youtube channel by clicking on the login button on the bottom left side of the screen. Now you are logged in, you set up your setting that means you are ready to Stream using this awesome Software Streamlabs, without any kinds of problems.

I hope you guys get all the information about the Streaming live on youtube and I hope now you guys can do live from youtube without any problems and if you get any types of problems about Streamlabs then feel free to comment down below we will try to help as soon as possible. and I hope your How To Do LiveStream On Youtube question has been solved.

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