Best Gaming Chairs In Nepal With Price

People who spend the extreme time of their daily life infront of a computer screen needs good back support and good posture while sitting in front of the computer. Without proper back support, people may face different problems and can cause serious issues in the coming future. We may face back pain, muscle tension, neck, head, or, possible injury during exercise, work, or other activities. So that’s why we should maintain a good posture while being in front of the computer for a long time. To be prevented from this serious issue we can overcome this by using Gaming Chair. Changing your chair and the way you sit could relieve your back and have good health. Mostly Gaming Chair has a good cushion and foam, hand rest, easy backrest recline, hydraulic pistons, strong nylon plastic base which leads to comfortable while sitting.

Here is the list of best gaming chairs that are available in the Nepali market With Price and a link to purchase the Chair with a special discount coupon code with a simple click. In this article, we are comparing three different most popular gaming chair brands which are available in the Nepalese market and being used by many famous YouTuber of Nepal. Here I am comparing these brands: Fantech Gaming Chairs, Kunyo Gaming Chair, Solti Store Nepal Gaming chair. I am comparing these chairs on the basis of cushion, foam, hand rest, easy backrest recline, hydraulic pistons, used materials for the build.

Fantech Gaming Chairs

Fantech Alpha GC-181

Fantech GC-181 comes in a bigger size, with extra comfort features. It is comfort designed gaming chair from a trusted brand, from which you can expect and experience the highest level of comfort while being in this chair and inventive features to operate the chair while being fitted on it. This model exclusively comes with an ergonomic high backseat which is design with an adjustable armrest and also having detachable lumbar support which makes it more comfortable for a day to day use while gaming and being sat.

Fantech Alpha GC-182

Fantech Alpha GC-182 comes with the best build quality and perfectly comfortable leather head and lumbar support best for your back. This is the best gaming chair having a multi-functional tilt mechanism also included 2D strong bow-shaped armrest, finest core materials, easy backrest recline which is up to 135 – 180 Degree, durable PU wheels smooth casters, stability & safety class 4 hydraulic pistons, strong nylon plastic base. Generally, this chair is designed to hold up to 150KG. It is good in looking and has great build quality in that low budget comparison. It is best for people who play games for a long time and stay infront of a computer screen for a long time in general streamers.

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Fantech Alpha GC-184

Alpha GC-184 is considered as the best quality & ergonomically perfectly designed gaming chair in the Nepalese market, in this version the design of sear is based on the seats of a racing car which automatically has been proven to be ergonomic providing the best support and weight distribution for the user sits on a chair for hours of play is used in front of computers and offices. Every Fantech seat is built with high-quality materials, perfectly craftsmanship combines with the technology that goes on in designing and manufacturing. Fantech Alpha GC-184 seats are designed to have a longer and better surface to support the human body, especially for users having a height of more than 175cm.

Kunyo Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair 4Merical Edition (Black)

Kunyo Gaming Chair 4Merical Edition serves you with a brand new Comfort Design Racing Chair. According to the suppliers, the chair is more efficient and comfortable, multi-functional, and is good for all different types of body shapes. I come up with a metal frame that is not natural but artificial leather. This provides you Idel Position when you are reading working or even playing games on your computer.

Solti Store Nepal Gaming Chair


Here we have the last chair of the list from Solti Store Nepal’s Godfather Series Gaming Chair from James Shrestha. According to the suppliers, they have told that the chair helps in improving the health of your shoulders, neck, and backrest. They made the chair with four directional armrests technology. The Secret that the chair can recline is not so clear but seeing the built of the chair it might be able to recline 155 Degree.

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Price of Gaming Chairs In Nepal

The prices of above mentioned Gaming Chair are compared below:

Name of ChairPrice
Fantech Alpha GC-181 NRs.35,149
Fantech Alpha GC-182 NRs.37,809
Fantech Gaming Chair GC-184N₨.39,849
Gaming Chair 4Merical Edition (Black)N₨ .25,000

I really hope I have helped you find your desired Gaming chair among all the Best Gaming Chairs in Nepal to date. The gaming chair I am currently using is Fantech Alpha GC-182 and trust me it is really good. See you again in the next one. Till then keep reading how to Play Game Lag Free on your devices.